Saturday, May 29, 2021

It's been so long...

LOL! The starting lyrics to an FNAF song. But it has been almost a month since I posted. Wow. Things have been kinda crazy around my house and I have not found the time to just sit and focus.

Best news is - my household has been fully vaccinated, and we even bought some cute little holders for our CDC vaccinations cards. I honestly don't care what your view is on the vaccine. I know quite a few of my family members and friends are flat out against it. BUT I know that I have taken precautions to protect myself and my family, as well as those with unfortunate auto-immune diseases that could possibly be around me.

Time to start getting back out. We have one of the BEST zoos, and we are planning on a visit soon. They recently did a complete reconstruction of the Elephant exhibit and I can't wait to see it. 🐘 Elephants are my absolute favorite animals! They are just so amazing and beautiful!