Friday, November 26, 2021

Thankful Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving


It’s Thankful Thursday hosted by Brian of Brian’s Home. He wants us to post what we’re thankful for.

I didn't get a chance to hop on yesterday and post so a bit late. LOL!

While we should always be thankful for what we have on an every day basis, today I so THANKFUL for being able to wake up and celebrate with my family. The last several years have been absolute chaos, and not just pandemic-wise.

We didn't get together and have a huge family Thanksgiving, and I am sure his mom is not happy about it. This is probably the 4th year that we have just celebrated with the four of us. After my husband's TBI he has a very hard time being around a bunch of people, especially young kids. It's more than likely due to sensory issues now. Nothing new. We have dealt with this because of our daughter having Autism. It seems to go hand in hand.

So, we decided to put together some homemade goodies and our dinner turned out so delicious!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Little Kitten

Today we let Tumble explore the house. I took her upstairs to our bedroom first while our resident cats explored the living room. This is where Tumble has been staying so we can separate them. We are hoping that both cats have taken to her scent and know she is not a threat to them. Korina and Tabby both explored her area and appeared to be bored while I had Tumble upstairs with me. LOL!

Afterwards, my daughter took the cats to brother's room and kept an eye on them while Tumble explored the house. Oh my gosh! The name Tumbledart fits! Just like the Flash and everywhere. It was quite funny to watch. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Roblox - Game Night

LOL! We have such great time getting together on Game Nights! Last weeks theme was Prom and this week our theme was Witches, Wizards, and Fantasy. The costumes that some of these guys come up with can be downright fun!!! My daughter has been joining in on a few occasions. 😊

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thankful Thursday


It’s Thankful Thursday hosted by Brian of Brian’s Home. He wants us to post what we’re thankful for, and thanks so much for your kind words Brian!!




With all the craziness going on in world and even in my life - I am so THANKFUL that every day can be a new beginning!!

I am also thankful that this little ball of fur came tumbling into our lives, so the name Tumble just stuck. Definitely causing some much needed laughter around our house. We have two others cats, one not so keen with this little one right now, but we are going slow. LOL!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Feelings of hopelessness...

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time is “The choices we make dictate the life we lead” is from the movie Renaissance Man by Bill Rago (Danny Devito).

In April 2001, I became a mom, and I was over the moon with joy. The decision to be a Stay-at-Home mom was instant. I was also a caregiver to a parent, became mom to a beautiful daughter with Autism, and had a few part-time jobs here and there. None of my part-time jobs would be considered career-worthy. In 2013, my husband and I pulled both kids out of public school to homeschool. It was the best choice for our family and we thought our children deserved a more rounded education than the school was providing. In March 2016 our world changed with my husband suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury as well as sustaining multiple injuries to his shoulder, elbow, and hip. Two years of Brain Therapy resulted in a medical retirement from his job and filing for Social Security Disability.

My husband can no longer work, which has resulted in me having to thrust myself out into the job market in my late 40s. I do not have this spectacular work history or volunteer work to represent my skillset. The knowledge that I have gained over the decades in computers and experience in administration is through determination and an enjoyment of learning on my own, but no one considers this to be applicable. There is no college degree stating I am a graduate with honors. Age 50 is approaching rapidly and most prospective employers would consider me outdated and too close to retirement, but they will never admit it. Believe it or not, most employers are looking for fresh out of college, younger adults. I have applied for many positions that I know I am qualified to do, and continue to read rejection letter after rejection letter. Retail and fast food jobs do not provide the hours, nor will they be consistent in providing a living wage. At my age, I have the right to look for a job that is going to create stability for my family, as I would be the breadwinner now. I also have health issues I have to take into concern and being on my feet hours upon hours a day will just result in me not being able to work. Believe me when I say I have tried this and it is the direct result of why I am no longer employed at Marshalls.

I finally find someone willing to offer me a position ... contingent on THREE letters of reference from previous employers (four months plus employment) and I can only produce ONE.

No. I will never regret my decision to become a Stay-at-Home mom, but I never thought I would be punished for it so many years later.😞

These last few years have resulted in feelings of hopelessness and despair. A state of constant depression mostly well hidden, but nonetheless there. So many nights I go to bed in tears, wondering how I will be able to continue to just get beat down. Then I think of my husband and my kids.    

Friday, November 12, 2021

Feline Friday

Feline Friday is simple to join. All you have to do is: Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (They may be silly or cute).

Thanks Sandee!




It has been quite a while since I participated. Things have been quite hectic around my house lately. Trying to find a job, school, and doctor appointments that seem endless! Hope all is well with everyone!

Meet Tumble ... the little kitten who did. I posted a previous post about this little kitten if you would like to read it. She is so adorable and uses practically everything she can find as an obstacle course. 😃 Judging from my experience when I worked for the Humane Society, she is between six and seven weeks old. Right now she is separated from our other cats and doggo. We will slowly introduce them and I am hoping to get her an appointment with TCAP soon.

The Little Kitten that did...

A couple of weeks after we were returning home from Six Flags, we saw a mama cat and four kittens take cover under our porch stairs while pulling into our driveway. Mama cat looked very young and she had taught the little ones well - run from humans. A week later as my husband was headed out the door to visit the auto parts store, he noticed one of the kittens on our driveway meowing. He called me outside and I picked the little guy up. He was so cold and was in distress, and probably had been for quite some time. Mama was no where to be seen, and honestly, we hadn't seen her in a few days. Most of the time when mama knows we know she is there - she moves her babies.

I moved this little guy to a warmer area with newspaper inside a cardboard box and tried to feed it a little, and noticed the other kitten staring at us from under the stairs. Talk about a tug on the heartstrings! I believe mama was moving the kittens and this little one just didn't have the energy, and it's sibling stayed back with him. Mama never returned and unfortunately, the little kitten didn't make it, leaving his sibling all alone.
I'm not really the cat person in my house and I don't believe in feeding the feral cats that roam our neighborhood, but there was no way that I was going to let this little kitten starve. We bought some wet kitten food and some milk replacer. It only took three days to gain the trust of this little kitten. Meet Warrior Tumbledart the Brave and Loyal. My daughter came up with the name.

Warrior: the will and fight to stay alive
Tumbledart: tumbling all over the place and darting back and forth under the stairs
Brave: for being strong and taking a chance with humans
Loyal: staying back with your sibling so they were not alone

Tumble for short...

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A little update...

Hope everyone who celebrates had a safe and fun Halloween! 🎃 I think we had over 100 kids stop by to trick-or-treat. It was nice seeing them out in their costumes since they missed out last year because of this crazy pandemic. 

School is going well. I wish I could pick up the pace because I feel like I am behind but I am getting there. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and my grades are high 90s. I just started English Comp I. Oh my gosh, I have always despised English Comp. LOL! I am not much of a writer mainly because I can have all these cool thoughts, but the minute I try to put them down - I draw a BLANK! This should be fun. NOT! I have also been trying to concentrate on finding employment. Yes, there are tons of jobs out there, especially in retail and fast food - but I need something that is going to be stable and consistent. Not necessarily a full-time with full benefits type of job (although this would be ideal), but something where I will have consistent hours and a schedule that does not bebop me back and forth between mornings and evenings. I do not want a job where I go into work and get sent home because we are 'slow'. 

I had put in an application for an APS Administrative Assistant II working for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. I landed an interview, which I suppose went well, as I received an email stating they would like to offer me the position pending a background check, etc. 👏 I have sent in all of my paperwork and I am currently in a 'hurry up and wait' position. It is driving me bonkers!!! This is a salaried position, 40 hours a week plus, Monday-Friday (pending emergencies), with full benefits and retirement. Are you kidding me?? Why would I not take this? This would be one of our prayers answered!! So, I am praying that this pans out. The only requirement that I could not meet was three employment references. Please send some good vibes my direction!!!