Saturday, February 18, 2023

Happy 'Belated' Valentine's Day & Birthday ...

Valentine's Day was last Tuesday and like I previously mentioned, this week has just been off kilter. But we did get some Valentine's Day goodies and celebrated Zac's 9th birthday. 🥳 And our GS would have turned 17 years old. Our new neighbors just got a German Shepherd puppy, who is absolutely adorable! Bo is still dearly missed.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Mental exhaustion is no fun

Happy Friday and I am so glad that it's the weekend. 😌 Not that I don't enjoy my job, but it has been an absolute emotional and mentally exhausting week. My sweet not-to-little girl has had a pretty bad week. Her anxiety levels spiked so high this week. In it's wake creating a mental meltdown causing her to not be able to sleep and just feel absolutely miserable. This happened back during Christmas as well and we felt that it was the expectation of the holidays and her birthday that led up to it. She has been with MHMR for the last couple of years starting out at the youth center, in therapy but was transferred to the adult services side when she turned 18. The problem is that while she may be legally considered an adult, she is still very child-like in the sense due to her Autism. She excels academically well above her age level, but on a peer and social level, definitely a younger age. Add GAD and a possible diagnosis of OCD, and you can have a major train that veers off course constantly. She is not comfortable making life decisions on her own and it has put us in a bind as parents. While she is capable of making decisions, it is probably best that we seek at least medical power of attorney, and only guardianship as a last resort. I was literally trying to schedule an appointment for her while at work and since I needed her consent, I was unable to do so. She can make her own choices but she always seeks confirmation and assurance.

So, needless to say, this week has been mentally challenging and I routed cases all week, too. We also had a Silver Star Party this week. We had refreshments and put together goodie bags for the workers to give out to their clients. I have a three day weekend to enjoy since Monday will be a holiday for me. I am going to kick back and play some games with my not-so-little kiddos. We might even have a movie night. I am a bit bummed that I left my Kindle at work though. So sad. I was hoping to catch up on my reading. 😐 Oh well, maybe I can read online. LOL! 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Thankful Thursday


Linking up with Brian at Brian's Home for Thankful Thursday and posting about what we are thankful for. 

Today I was working the front desk and it was very slow this morning, so I pulled out my Kindle Fire and started the series I have been wanting to read. Between chapters, I was answering email and running TIERS reports, along with answering the phone. I took lunch about 12:30 and came back to chaos. Wow. 😮 Six people were standing in the lobby. My relief was so happy to see me only to be told that both of us needed to man the desk and be ready to call 9-1-1. In my line of work this is common. Although I work the adult services side, I still encounter the little ones that are coming into the office, or the parents. Today was one of those days. It's never easy when children are removed from a home. It's hard on the parents and it's extremely hard on the child(ren). I am THANKFUL for the amazing and wonderful supervisors that work for my agency that have the fortitude, compassion, and empathy to be able to calm a situation down. I work alongside some wonderful people. 

And here is a picture of my cat. LOL! Happy Thankful Thursday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Wordless Wednesday


WW is a simple blog post featuring a photo which conveys a message that speaks for itself without using words.

For all the rule breakers, of which I am one, please feel free to add all the words you want. 😀

Thanks Sandee! 

I wish I could wake up to this with coffee every morning.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Aliens do exist!

Well, well. Okay, so it's been ten days now that I found the first sock. I have now found sock number three by the rocks in the Forest of Valor. Hmm.

I have to speak to Merlin and give him this sock. He tells me that someone has been taking books from his library and his house is a mess, too! I start cleaning Merlin's library and find a claw, which directs me to yet again, return to Donald. I take the claw to Donald and he uses the device again. 100% DNA match. So, now I have this doodad to place down by Skull Rock.


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Ariel and Eric

Both Ursula and Ariel are level 10 now - which means you know who gets to join the valley!!! 😊 

Ariel and Eric finally reunite!!

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

I am always looking for Book memes and found this one this morning. A lot of book recommendations look to be found here. It's Tuesday and I am a day off, but that's okay, right?

This is my first time linking up with Kathryn at Book Date for It's Monday! What Are YOU Reading? I am trying to get back into reading before bedtime. 😊 Here lately I have been playing a new Disney game with my not-so-little-kiddos.

Currently Reading:

What's Up Next:


Sunday, February 5, 2023

Dreamlight Fountain - Dreamlight Valley

Yes, I believe I have been binge playing this game. LOL! It's quite fun and a new Star Path and new update are set to come out in April. Can't wait! Disney is celebrating 100 years this years! Wow! 

Donald has finally reached level 10 and the final quest for him was to complete the Dreamlight Fountain, which is placed in the Forgotten Lands.

Dreamlight Valley - Anna's quest

Finally leveled Anna up to 10 and completed her final quest! Do you wanna build a snowman? 😁

Sunday Blessings!

 Good morning and happy Sunday!

We will feast in the house of Zion
We will sing with our hearts restored
He has done great things we will say together
We will feast and weep no more

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Disney Dreamlight Valley

I have already logged over 92 hours playing this game. 👀 But it is so much fun! There are tons of quests to complete with different characters. You have daily duties that you can accomplish to build more dreamlight, which you have to use in order to open certain areas and in quests. I think one of my favorite characters by far has to be WALL-E. He is just so adorable! Quite a few characters in the game are voiced by their original voice actor! 😊

Feline Friday


I meant to post this yesterday but I got sidetracked. Sandee from Comedy Plus, has handed the hosting duties of Feline Friday off to Mimi over at Messymimi's Meanderings. I forgot, and had to go on a hunt. 😁

Feline Friday is simple to join. All you have to do is: Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (They may be silly or cute).


Tumble has been with us for over a year now. She is very standoffish and stays in her room (living room) most of the time. She is also very skittish and likes to hide. I am not sure we are ever going to get the "wild" out of her. One thing is for certain - she has a "furever" home with us.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Another sock!


I found another sock! I found this one by the pond in Peaceful Meadow and I have to give it to Goofy. I find Goofy inside his house, which has the same rubbish that was in Donald's. I clean up the debris and find blue fur, which my quest is now leading me back to Donald. I give Goofy the chewed up sock and he tells me that he saw funny lights, too. Yep, this is definitely tied to what Donald saw as well. 😮 I deliver the blue fur to Donald and he uses the electronic device to detect a DNA match. This is very interesting. Yet another clue has to be found.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Shine a Light - Dreamlight Valley

I picked up a short quest from Mother Gothel called Shine a Light. She wants me to create three sunlight torches to place in the Mystical Cave. This required mining gems and fishing up seaweed to turn into fiber. Collecting wood is simple.

Dreamlight Valley photo quest

Just completed Goofy's quest Photo Passion. Goofy wants to create a scrapbook and asks you to take various photos of landmarks, animals, and pillars throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Baby, it's ICY outside!

One of the best things I love about my job - I don't have to get out in this mess!! I work remote two days a week but this week our office has been closed due to icy conditions. TEXAS is known for ice, not snow. LOL! So, I have been working from home warm and cozy by my heater, with coffee in hand! ☕


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Disney Dreamlight Valley - waders

These gave me a chuckle when I received them. My first job was working at the Fort Worth Zoo and I worked in the guest services area, which included setting up parties, working the kids areas (which included a mini train and petting zoo), cleaning the entire park, as well as working the guest information booth. One day my boss chose me to do a creek bed walk-through and I got to put on a cute little outfit - waders! 😂

My fishing buddies!


I am working from home today and what am I doing for my lunch break? 😀 Yep! Playing Dreamlight Valley!

The Frozen realm has to be unlocked with Dreamlight and can be found in the castle. The main way to get more Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to complete the tasks that are listed in the Dreamlight Menu, and these fall into two categories. The first is Dreamlight Duties, which are short tasks that can be completed in the Valley, and there will always be six of these available. 

I finally unlocked the Frozen realm. WooHoo! Anna and Else have come to the valley. 

Wordless Wednesday



WW is a simple blog post featuring a photo which conveys a message that speaks for itself without using words.








February is here!